15 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors You’ve Never Heard Of

We tend to see the same types of breeds continuously because they are cute, adorable, easy-to-train, loyal, lovable, and simple to adopt. What dogs do you typically see at the local park? The popular choices are Golden Retreivers, Labs, German Shepherds, Beagles, Terriers, and more. But there are so many dog breeds out there that I doubt you’ve ever heard of any of the following!

15. Czechoslovakian Vlcak

Source: http://www.petpaw.com.au/breeds/czechoslovakian-vlcak/

Source: http://www.petpaw.com.au/breeds/czechoslovakian-vlcak/

If you want a dog that looks fierce and protective, then this is a great breed. The Csechoslovkian Vlak looks exactly like a wolf! Compared to other breeds, they are relatively new. They are known for their strength and intelligence but are also loyal and obedient when trained well. Seniors would benefit from their ability to perform service tasks and protect. In addition to their great personalities, they are also gorgeous dogs that turn heads. They are similar in appearance and behavior to the German Shepherd and the Alaskan Malamute.

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