15 Black Celebrities Who Look White


From gorgeous actresses to chiseled stars from the world of sports, there is a wide range of celebs out there that you thought were white… but are definitely not. From piercing blue eyes to freckles and red hair, these unique looking celebs possess lots of physical attributes that perpetually confuse you. Here’s our fun and surprising list featuring the 15 celebs you never knew weren’t white.

15. Meghan Markle

Image Source: atlantablackstar.com

She’s rocking the smart and fancy suits on, well, Suits and she’s even captured the attention of an actual prince – ginger cutie Prince Harry, that is. We’re talking about no other than Meghan Markle, the beauty who might just become a princess very soon (if the British tabloids got it right). Despite her gorgeous skin tone and dark hair, she might not look like it, but this freckled actress who plays the always-put-together Rachel Zane is actually half black, having an African-American mother and a father with Dutch and Irish blood.

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