11 Classy and Comfortable Shoes Worn By Stylish Celebs


Celebrity style doesn’t exactly yield the friendliest of footwear options. As stylish as they are, it’s often a little daunting watching these celebrities tether up and down the red carpet. And let’s face it – if these stars can’t walk comfortably up and down the runway, then what hope is there left for the rest of us who have a list of errands to run?

Well fret no more, because this list is here to help. We’ve done the legwork for you, scouring through the countless fashion moments to pinpoint the 11 of the classiest shoes worn by stylish celebs. Better yet, these shoes are guaranteed to keep you comfortably on your feet, so no more tired feet. As they say – if the shoe fits, wear it.

11.) Cate Blanchett

cate blanchett 1


As much as a pair of fringed loafers is the ideal shoes for a flight, they are so versatile and evergreen that they are perfect for wearing daily. Look for a pair of loafers with a slightly pointed front and a textured surface, so it will help keep you looking polished.

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