10 Things Your Teeth Tell You About Your Health


From erosion to gingivitis and from tooth decay to gum disease, your teeth can develop a wide range of conditions that indicate underlying health issues or, in some cases, pleasant surprises. We’ve compiled a list featuring the most common things your teeth are trying to tell you about your body, in order to help you stay on top of your health game while preserving your gorgeous smile.

10. You Might Be Pregnant

Image Source: pregmed.org

While most times, terrible teeth equal unpleasant medical conditions, fact is that not all teeth-related symptoms hide scary diseases. Just check out number 10 spot on the list: pregnancy! Yes, teeth and baby bums are closely related, since up to 50% of pregnant women out there develop gingivitis during the 9 months of gestation. The explanation? Basically, pregnant women produce more progesterone, which can help bacteria grow – as a result, the gums become inflamed and tiny red lumps appear in the oral cavity. Moreover, if you are suddenly noticing that despite your flawless oral hygiene habits, you are bleeding while brushing your teeth, chances are that you are pregnant and that the extra hormones in your body are increasing the blood flow in your gums.

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