10 Hidden Signs of Liver Damage

Liver damage or liver disease is difficult to detect because it shows no symptoms. The most common ones also happen to be non-specific, while there are other symptoms that are more prominent. If not treated as soon as possible, liver damage can worsen and end up in liver failure. Here are ten of the most common symptoms of liver damage that you need to be careful about.

1) Jaundice

Image source: evoke.ie

Image source: evoke.ie

The yellowing of a person’s skin and eyes is known in the medical field as jaundice. This condition develops when there is too much bilirubin in the system. Bilirubin is the yellow pigment that is formed when the liver breaks down old red blood cells. When there’s a problem with your liver and it’s not functioning properly, bilirubin builds up and a person’s skin gets that sickly yellowish color.

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